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Masayo Nojiri

Japanese Course Leader


The art of Japanese calligraphy.

Reading and writing skills.

Japanese A' level  

Japanese at LAMP offers students the opportunity to develop;

  • An understanding of Japanese in a variety of contexts

  • A knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and structures

  • Transferable language learning skills

  • The ability to communicate effectively in Japanese

  • Awareness and Understanding of countries and communities where Japanese is spoken.


Students need a GCSE Higher Tier qualification or equivalent level for starting this course.

A’level Japanese


The content of A’level Japanese is structured across themes. These are;

  • Japanese society past and present

  • Japanese artistic and intellectual culture past and present

  • Japanese political culture past and present


It allows our students to build on the language skills they will have developed through their GCSE study whilst preparing them with transferable skills to support their future progression on into further study. Students will be inspired to develop appreciation of Japanese language, literature, film and culture alongside a choice of classic and contemporary texts and film.


Students are assessed at the end of the course through 3 externally examined papers. These are;

  • Translation into English, reading comprehension and writing

  • Translation into Japanese and written response to works

  • Listening, reading and writing

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(Background image courtesy of Photo by Alain Pham on Unsplash)

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