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Masayo Nojiri

Japanese Course Leader

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Japanese calligraphy painted onto a skate board.

The art of Japanese origami.

Japanese Engagement

Japanese at LAMP Learning offers students the opportunity to develop;

  • An understanding of Japanese in a variety of contexts

  • A knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and structures

  • Transferable language learning skills

  • The ability to communicate effectively in Japanese

  • Awareness and Understanding of countries and communities where Japanese is spoken.


Students don’t need to start working on a qualification in Japanese as it is offered as an engagement subject.


Japanese Engagement


This course offers a fun introduction to the Japanese language and writing system. It includes; how to introduce yourself, greetings, useful phrases alongside the option to read and write Japanese.


Students will also learn about Japanese culture such as;

  • Calligraphy

  • Origami

  • Food and cooking and

  • Shiborizome (Japanese tie-dye)


If students do wish to progress, then we offer GCSE and A‘level Japanese.

Other Japanese courses:

(background image courtesy of Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash)

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