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Quotes from Parents

'Lamp provided a vital alternative to my child when she was struggling to access mainstream education. I truly believe that Lamp has played a major role in keeping my child alive throughout the last 18 months. Lamp's focus has always been on my child's well-being, rather than league tables. As such, they have gained my child's confidence and she has decided to do her Maths GCSE this year, something that I didn't think possible even a few months ago.


Lamp is all about the individual and encouraging them to develop their unique talents. All of this is possible due to a dedicated and caring teaching staff who respect the students and provide a safe, nurturing environment to learn. This is vital due to the vulnerable nature of the students who attend Lamp.'


- Mother of LAMP Learning student 

'My child began attending LAMP in year 10. He was not attending his mainstream school, suffered anxiety, depression and would frequently self-harm. 


LAMP were able to provide a stable, bespoke educational setting, meeting his academic and emotional needs from the moment he began. From their initial meeting with us, they considered all of his needs and were able to match them with a learning programme suitable of meeting them all.

Two years on we have a child who attends school daily, is happy and eager to learn and who's mental health has improved significantly. He now socialises, has found confidence and feels at ease whilst at school and at home. 


I myself have visited on many occasions and consider the environment LAMP provides to be second to none. Staff are experienced, supportive and eager to support progress in any way they can. 

As a family we will forever be thankful to LAMP for enabling our child to continue in education and achieve his full potential!'

- Mother of LAMP Learning student 

'My son had been unwell for quite a while when we were offered a session at LAMP. He was unable to attend school or even leave the house. We didn't know what to expect but were hopeful as it catered for his interest in gaming.  He started in 2016 just half an hour after school to help settle in and I can't believe how much progress he has made.

Staff are very friendly and approachable but most importantly understanding. Pip has been so supportive going above and beyond what is expected of a teacher to enable my son to feel comfortable in and around LAMP. They have helped build his confidence and self-esteem to the point where he now attends activities 5 times a week. He is encouraged to do his best in way which supports and meets his needs. LAMP has had such a positive impact on my son and I will always be grateful for everything they do.'

- Mother of LAMP Learning studen

'When my daughter walked through the doors of LAMP she had spent 18 months out of school, she felt that the education system had given up on her and was completely misunderstood. 

The staff at LAMP gave her time to adjust, the first weeks saw her stay with one teacher in one classroom but engaging her in making an Role Playing Game - she had her break and her lunch in that room, not wanting to interact with other staff or pupils.  In the afternoon she went to the art room and was encouraged to develop her passion for anime. 


By the end of the second term she began to develop more confidence, she began to talk to her peers, she was encouraged to play a guitar (which she hadn't done since primary school) and ate her lunch alongside a teacher. 


In December LAMP held an end of term party with a showcase of students work and despite her nervousness she presented her Role Playing Game and artwork for all to see. 

Her third term saw her begin to move around LAMP independently, to ask teachers to assist her with art work, to feel more comfortable amongst other students and to come home and share what she had been doing each day with enthusiasm.


The staff at LAMP give young people who struggle in main stream education the opportunity to demonstrate their unique skills and knowledge in such a way that they don't even realise they are doing so. They work at their pace, they work with them and alongside them showing them the ways in which they can unlock their potential and help to restore their self-esteem and confidence. 

I am thankful that my daughter was given the opportunity to study at LAMP, for the difficulties that her learning disability bring to be put to one side so that the person she is can come to the fore and her potential be unlocked. 


The staff at LAMP are unassuming, quietly spoken, nothing is ever too much trouble and their commitment to LAMP, each another and their students is a credit to them all.'


- Mother of LAMP Learning student 

Quotes from Professionals

'The Flexible Learning Team is supporting an increasing amount of students with Autism, Anxiety and Mental Health conditions.

Over the last 2 years, we have seen a double in referrals that we receive. As our numbers swell, the opportunity to place them at appropriate educational provisions is becoming increasingly difficult. LAMP is a provider that we use regularly and has the largest volume of our students of all of the providers we use. We have always been impressed by LAMP's commitment to support the student's whilst offering them a safe, non-judgemental and creative environment to fulfil their potential. As a result, we have seen some magnificent results.'

- Sam Powers, WCC Specialist Teaching Service Flexible Learning Team

'On Monday I was shown round LAMP in Leamington Spa.  I was most impressed by the work being done there, the students all seemed very happy and creatively working on different projects. 


Clearly this is a very specialised facility, but I really felt it was filling a need in encouraging young people back into education.'

- Bill Gifford Councilor WDC/WCC

'The Warwickshire Autism Team have successfully placed young people with autism and significant associated anxiety at Leamington LAMP.


The team at LAMP have been outstanding in their ability to engage young people. Creativity and resourcefulness come to mind.


Often young people come to LAMP with a history of failed school placements. Trust for them is of paramount importance. Tim and his team have created a unique environment that offers them the opportunity to re-engage in a range of activities, academic and creative.


LAMP has changed young people’s lives. It’s as simple as that. In the extreme some young people have found a reason to live, in other cases they have discovered talents they never knew they had.

I would wish to support them in any opportunity to expand their offer to young people.'

- Lynda Lowe, Area Manager Specialist Teaching Service WCC

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