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We are dedicated to providing young people on the autism spectrum with a supportive and inclusive environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential. Our staff are well-versed in the challenges that young people with autism may face and are committed to making adaptations to better meet their needs.

We understand that every young person with autism is unique, and that is why we take a tailored approach to their education. With small class sizes (a maximum of 5 students), we create an intimate learning environment where our students can build strong relationships with their teachers, who are always on first name terms. Additionally, we do not have a school uniform, as we believe that our students should feel comfortable and able to express themselves.

Our curriculum is student-centred, meaning that we focus on the needs of each individual young person and what they want to achieve. None of our subjects are mandatory, as we believe that it is more important to focus on the individual and their goals. Our goal is to help our students find their passions and prepare them for life after they leave LAMP.

We also work closely with families and operate using a 'working with' approach. We believe that family involvement is crucial to the success of our students, and we strive to keep families informed and involved in their child's education.

Finally, we also have a special addition to our school - a school dog named Ripley! Ripley is a therapy dog who provides comfort and support to our students who may feel anxious. Having Ripley on site can be a huge comfort for students and can help them feel at ease.

We believe that our approach, combined with the professional knowledge of our team, makes LAMP the ideal environment for young people on the autism spectrum.

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