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Masayo Nojiri

Japanese Course Leader


Japanese iconography and lettering screen printed on to a t-shirt

Japanese cookery with Masayo.

Japanese GCSE

Japanese at LAMP Learning offers students the opportunity to develop;

  • An understanding of Japanese in a variety of contexts

  • A knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and structures

  • Transferable language learning skills

  • The ability to communicate effectively in Japanese

  • Awareness and Understanding of countries and communities where Japanese is spoken.


Students ideally start this course when they completed Hiragana writing system which we offer in our Engagement course.

GCSE Japanese


The content of GCSE Japanese is structured across 5 themes. These are;

  • Identity and culture

  • Local area, holiday, travel

  • School

  • Future aspirations, study and work

  • International global dimension


The course content and assessments provide the students with authentic situations and stimuli to engage with allowing them to learn the language in context.


The GSCE can be studied at Foundation and Higher level. The teacher will work on an individualised basis with each student to ensure they work towards the level best suited to them and their abilities.


Students are assessed at the end of the course through 4 externally examined papers. These are;

  • Listening and Understanding in Japanese

  • Speaking in Japanese

  • Reading and Understanding in Japanese

  • Writing in Japanese

If students do wish to progress, then we offer A‘level Japanese.

Other Japanese courses:

(Background image courtesy of Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash)

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