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Working in Radio

I have had a keen interest in radio and production for the past few years. 

This is an area I want to pursue a career in, I love talking about music, talking with other people while enjoying many different styles. 

I began my journey by starting with the LAMP Podcasts which I very much enjoyed.

 I wanted to get work experience in this field but wasn’t sure how to do this. 

At LAMP we looked at different local radio stations and I sent out various emails. One got back that looked very interesting, they are called Welcombe Radio.

They kindly asked me to pop in on Thursday evenings. I didn’t know what to expect but I am always willing to try new things. 

On the first day I thought I would be just watching but they asked me to speak and help present the show. This was very nerve-racking but a fantastic experience. I have now done a few weeks and I am loving being on-the-air. We discuss classic popular music and focus on new emerging talent. The people at the station are supportive and I feel I am getting more confident with each programme. Thank you Welcomb Rradio! 

By taking this opportunity and putting myself outside my comfort zone it has helped me confirm this is a career I am going to pursue. 

I am now looking at university courses, apprenticeships and jobs on the radio once I have finished my level 3 courses at LAMP next year. 

Please tune in to Welcombe radio Wednesday evenings after 5pm when I will be live on air! - Ryan

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