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My Time at LAMP by Hope

When I had first heard of Lamp, I was in a bad head place and my anxiety was so high. My mum had just got back from viewing Lamp and she’d told me that I’d love it there so after a lot of convincing I felt like I was ready to go and have a look at Lamp after being out of education for almost 2 years.

When I first arrived at Lamp I met someone called Pip who welcomed me and made me feel comfortable enough to go into the school. Once I looked around I was certain that Lamp was the school I wanted to go to. During the summer holidays in 2020 I was doing taster sessions to get me used to the place and get me used to the teachers (who are all really lovely). If I felt like I couldn’t make it to a taster lesson then they’d rearrange it to when I felt like I could go in.

All the students at Lamp are so friendly and understanding. I’m very lucky to have met some of my best friends here. Thank you to all of the students for making my time here so memorable.

The first classes I did when I joined Lamp were Theatrical makeup and Photography.

Theatrical Makeup is such a fun course. I remember my first Theatrical Makeup lesson. I did a fake cut and experimented with different types of fake blood and a bruise wheel. I've been doing Theatrical Makeup level 1 and 2 and I've surprised myself with how creative I can be with help from Fran the teacher. In theatrical makeup we get to do design and create heads. My favourite head that I’ve created has got to be my Demogorgon, it took me a while to create but once it was finished it looks soooo creepy!

One of the other courses I first did was photography. This course was a lot of fun and experimenting. I got to go out and about to take pictures of the flowers and wildlife around Leamington. I have my own camera which Meg (the photography teacher) lets me use and take pictures on.

Lamp has been my safe place for the past 3 years and I’m sad that I’m leaving but I’m looking forward to whatever the future brings me.

Thank you to everyone at Lamp for making my time here so much fun.

Some of Hope's Theatrical Makeup work.

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