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Updated: May 18, 2023

On 21st April LAMP held a fundraising concert at The Irish Club, Leamington Spa. The aim was to raise money for LAMP and The Brain Tumour Charity. Through a raffle, selling prints, face painting and many generous donations we managed to raise a massive £841.02. The concert was a Live N' Diverse event in partnership with Youth Music.

The mostly coveted item in the raffle was an electric guitar which was won by one of our student performers from that night - Ella. Many people cited the guitar as the reason they bought raffle tickets in the first place! Ella, however, donated the guitar to Crystal, one of the children at the event who had been eyeing up the guitar all night. Crystal was also a family friend of Cia, Ella’s Banoffee bandmate.

We’ve asked best friends and bandmates, Ella and Cia, what it was like to perform that night and why they decided to make Crystal’s night by giving her the guitar.

What did you think of the charity performance and the night overall?

Ella: It was really fun and really chill. It was nice to raise money and people were more invested. My fav song to perform was Grace.

Cia: One of my favourite gigs! It was really good and a lot of money was raised. Me and Ella performed well, I was happy with it. All the bands were great! Our band, Banoffee, performed a varied set list. We had originals we’ve written and some challenging covers like Grace by Jeff Buckley and Back to Mars by beabadoobee.

Ella, what was it like to win the guitar then gift it to someone else?

Ella: It was my actually my mum who won the guitar and it was Cia’s idea to give the guitar for Crystal. We knew the family – they were lovely. They gave me a card afterwards!

Cia, how do you know the family?

Cia: My mum met them when the kids were ill in hospital. My sister Lexi had previously crocheted a doll for Crystal. Two of the daughters are deaf and use sign language. Crystal had played my guitar at home and loved it and seemed really happy. So I had the idea the one Ella had won could be given to her.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the event?

Ella: It seemed like a good community event!

Cia: Jacob did really well for organising and hosting it.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the event. You can follow Ella and Cia’s band here and you can read more about the event from Jacob’s blog here.

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