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Day in the Foundry Woods with the Fire! By Candice

On our way we had Finn’s dog, so everyone loved her! Once we got there we took turns to use a fire striker so when we used it, it sparks fire then we eventually see smoke. Kat gave us cotton wool to try to use the fire striker to set fire to the cotton wool. It was difficult to light up but we managed to burn the cotton wool.

Next after that, we needed the bottom of the Kelly Kettle to add the sticks, cotton wool and Vaseline to make the fire go more intense! We got the sticks and stacked them like Jenga, next was cotton wool and thinner tree branches. Then we tried to light up the fire and when I tried it, it lit up! It was very smoky and warm and we kept feeding the fire with sticks. Eventually, we used Kelly Kettle and put it on top of the fire, the water was slowly boiling. Once it was boiled we all had tea, hot chocolate with marshmallows and Bourbon biscuits. Luke and Charlie came later so they had a go at the fire striker and once they knew what to do we redid the fire to show them how to make a fire.

Once we was all sitting on the logs we was just having a normal conversation, meanwhile I kept using the fire striker to burn the cotton buds. We also toasted marshmallows on the fire till they were golden but me and Charlie mostly did the marshmallows.

We all headed back and decided to go the Victoria Park way back to LAMP. Me and Becca saw new equipment at the park so we went on it but we didn’t have much time so we had to rush.

- Candice Feasey, LAMP Student

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