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Ella Selwood

English Course Leader

English GCSE

At LAMP Learning we have an active interest in all types of learning and favour tailoring the journey to the young person. 


For exam preparation we include all text (song lyrics, story boards. novels, scripts, poetry, drama and essays) and specialize in essay technique (helping with practical advice on structure, organization of material, clarity of expression) and how to not be scared of it all! 


We have extensive experience of working with home schooled students as well as those who go to school, at all levels. These include Functional Skills, GCSE and A level (AS & A2). 


The most important aspect and what makes LAMP so special and successful is that we work with students to raise their confidence in their abilities. This is achieved by making learning fun which naturally makes it easier. Students relax, discover their strengths and that naturally improves their weaknesses. 


We also make sure that students improve their understanding of the subject, exam requirements and structure of the exam so that fear does not hold them back. 


They become active learners and alongside set texts progress by using material such as songs and favourite films for the discussions, debates and analysis necessary for their courses. By using materal that they are already familiar with, understand and have an opinion about we are able to easily create verbal essays and these equally easily translate into written ones. 


We think it is important that all lessons/sessions are geared to the specific needs of the individual. Consequently, we make sessions collaborative and encourage as much contribution from the students as possible. Ideas only stick through engagement and participation - not lecturing - so we make texts and subjects interesting and relevant. We also acknowledge the necessity of a methodical approach, particularly with reference to exams, so work throughout each course on the process of putting together essays and exam answers - length, time management, structure etc.

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