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Yosenabe is a basic Japanese hot pot where you can cook whatever ingredients—chicken, seafood, tofu, and all kinds of vegetables—in a delicious dashi-based broth. This popular Japanese hot pot is a wintertime favorite to make at home because you can literally throw in just about anything. It’s a warm, flavorful, and easy meal to boot.

The word yose comes from the verb yoseru (寄せる) which means to “put together.” And nabe (鍋) is the Japanese word for “pot” and is used to refer to hot pot dishes. So yosenabe is pretty much an “everything hot pot” where you have all kinds of ingredients cooked together in a simmering broth for an ultimate warm meal

How to Prepare Yosenabe ( example )

Meat: chicken, pork, beef

Seafood: cod, shrimp, prawn, crab sticks, scallops, mussels

Vegetables: Chinese leaves, cabbage, pak choi , carrot, leek, kale, radish

Mushrooms: shiitake, shimeji, and enoki mushrooms

Tofu: medium firm tofu

Carbohydrate: rice or udon noodle

(for 4 people)

Broth: water 800ml + 2 dashi packs

Seasonings: sake 3 tablespoons, mirin 3 tablespoons, soy sauce 3 tablespoons (or use miso paste 3 tablespoons alternatively)

Garnish: spring onion, lemon zest, and shichimi togarashi ( Korean gochujang optional)

How to cook

1)Make broth, add Seasonings and boil them.

2)wash and cut seafood and meat and vegetables.

3) Add the ingredients to the boiling pot by arranging them by sections until the pot is filled.

4)Add Carbohydrate (rice / udon) to left over broth.

Comment: After making this I can say with confidence that this is one of the most easy, delicious, warm winter meals you can make! Using left over veg is useful and the recipe is flexible too. Having leftovers with this dish is no problem as you can easily store them to eat the next day. Overall, this was a really fun experience, and I will definitely be making it again. (Lexi)

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