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Waddling Through the Winter: A Penguin's Tale

Poetry is integral to English, and although we might not need to study poetry for exams or qualifications, we still read and appreciate poetry in class. There is an enjoyable, creative aspect to poetry. A good example of the creative and accessible form of poetry are song lyrics, spoken poetry. Songs and lyrics are used often in class to introduce a topic or consider different perspectives about something. We also read and appreciate a range of poems, to simply explore interesting words and phrases or features such as juxtaposition, metaphors, or sensory language.

This week we have explored an array of poems, on topics ranging from animals to Halloween. We looked at different rhyme schemes and features used, then some students wrote their own. Understandably the students didn’t feel confident sharing their individual poems. But below is a poem we wrote together as a class; one they were happy to share.

The penguin waddles up and down

Through a ravine, never a town

Get some fish, feed the young

And then they’ll have a fat filled tum

Sea lions coming, must swim fast

Your little flippers will never last

Surviving cold in the snow

Huddled together, row after row

The winter wind it does blow

How you survive, we’ll never know.

(Poem written as a group effort in class, October 2023)

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