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LAMP Tadpoles 𓆏

If you follow LAMP on Twitter and Instagram then you'll already know that for the last few months we've been raising tadpoles.

Finn (PfA Teacher), Tim (LAMP Director) and Elliot (Student) have all been making sure our tadpoles are happy and healthy in their tank. In the tank we also had snails, a caddisfly larvae and two unexpected newts! When the tadpoles become frogs we move them to their own tank before releasing them into a mature water lily pond at St Mary's Allotments in Leamington Spa.

Having the tadpole tank in our courtyard has been a fun opportunity for our photography students to test their skills with the macro lens. The following photos have been taken by Hope who completed her Level 2 photography course at LAMP.

Below, you can see how happy our Frogs look in their new home.

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