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Updated: Apr 12

World Book Day is a great time to talk about books. 

In English, I love to talk books and often have conversations in my class about what we are reading or have read. Some young people are prolific readers, recommending new books or giving me the motivation to read some of the classics. Then there are some who have read and enjoyed certain books but have then stopped, usually because they found it difficult to know of any other good books.

This made me think about how we could share book ideas.  

To encourage reading and conversations about books at LAMP, I’ve started a list of recommended books and have had some great suggestions. So far, Millie and Sammy have given an amazing range of fiction and classic titles, and another young person has given me some brilliant manga suggestions. But we need more. 

The list of recommended books is the first step to encouraging reading. But the next step is to build up a library of books that can be read and returned. The library can then help to keep costs down for young people and encourage talk around those collective books read. This could then lead to a lunchtime book club if there’s enough interest.

This needs to be a collaborative project. We need your suggestions for the book list, and your ideas on which books should be in the library. The library will start small, with the intention of adding to it year on year, so the books chosen initially, need to be ones that are a great read, inspire us or are a real ‘everyone should read this’ in your chosen genre.  

I will keep talking to everyone in LAMP about this project, but if you have any specific suggestions, please let me know!  (Ella)

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