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Giffords Circus Trip by Hope

On Monday 22nd May, LAMP Learning’s Theatrical Makeup and Aerial students went to Giffords Circus at Blenheim Palace. When we arrived we walked up to the huge circus tent which had stars all over the top, just below the giant “Giffords Circus” sign! Every year Giffords changes their theme, this year’s theme was “Les Enfants Du Paradis” which was based off an early 20th Century romance.

They had a variety of performances which included aerial hoop, tumblers, shadow puppets, balancing, ponies, roller-skaters, trapeze and aerial straps. My favourite performance of the night was either the aerial straps or the aerial hoop.

The costumes were gorgeous, most of them had sequins on them/metallic fabric and some of them had jeans on with vibrant jumpers on. Some of the makeup looks weren’t as vibrant as I thought they’d be, but the girls makeup was still pretty glam. The performances where the performers had to do to hoop their hair was tied up so it doesn’t get into their faces and distract them, but for other performances they had their hair down such as the roller skating couple and the aerial straps guy.

If I were to work behind the scenes at Giffords Circus I would have to chose to be one of the ushers because you’d get to interact with guests, help cheep on your fellow colleagues and I really liked their costumes. If I had the chance to be a performer at Giffords Circus I’d love to do aerial hoop because I just loved how angelic and easy they made it look! I think if I worked at a circus I’d definitely miss home but it would be a new adventure that I’d really look forward to doing.

Overall, I loved going to see the circus and I’d definitely go and see Giffords Circus again for their future themes and performances. If I ever worked at Giffords, my dream theme would be a Pirate theme because the costumes would look amazing and the acrobatics would look so cool!

Hope - Tilli Dew, LAMP Student

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