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Farm Visit

On Friday 12th April 2024, PfA team with 2 students went to Hall Farm to see Tutor Finn’s Horse named Moomin. 


Moomin lives on Hall Farm, which is a working farm. Students had the opportunity to see the Cows and new born Lambs as well as take Moomin for a short stroll and feed.  

Hall Farm in Hunningham is a beautiful space, Students enjoyed their time there and we would like to attend again when the days are a bit brighter. 

PfA aim to take multiple students over this next term. We recognise that animals have a soothing effect on humans. We welcome any opportunity to expose students to “something a bit different”. 

Horses in particular have a beauty and intelligence about them, they truly are special creatures. They are majestic, strong and can display a broad range of emotions. Whether they're around humans or other horses, they are amazingly communicative and thrive in social settings. These qualities are part of the reason why horses can develop such a strong bond with humans. 

“The Lambs were cool, Moomin was incredible. It was muddy, I got covered in lamb poo but worth it” - Elliot 

Hunningham in all of its beauty is currently being ripped apart by HS2 but we witnessed rabbits and kestrels in the wild on the way to the farm despite this. (Luke)

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