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Communication is key

How students feel about Speech, Language and Communication sessions at LAMP:

  • On students terms - e.g. games/ fun activities = Feels student led

  • Non judgemental/ listened to & heard, interested

  • Never push boundaries

  • encourage to step outside of their comfort zones in a supportive environment. 

What the lessons help with:

- Helps students to:

  • Process my emotions - talking about recent events over the week, positives and challenges

  • Regulate my emotions e.g. just talking it through, naming the emotions, strategies to manage them

  • Exploring skills in:

                   - expressing myself, 

                   - self advocacy (speaking up for myself/ saying what a need),

                   - exploring what masking means to me 

What we do:

  • Relaxed lessons e.g. can play games/ chat/ sketch and focus on communication

  • Have interesting conversations - everyone's opinion is always heard


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