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Beth! Our New Japanese Teacher.

We've had a few new staff members join LAMP this year. First up, we'll introduce Beth who has a lovely history with LAMP. She will be working alongside to Masayo to teach Japanese, one of our most requested subjects.

"My journey with LAMP started in 2016 when I started out as a student here. As someone so used to mainstream education coming here was the change in pace I needed and I managed to achieve both a GCSE and an A-level in Japanese in my time here as the first Japanese student! This lead on to me continuing this passion for Japanese language and SEN education and becoming a teacher here- supporting others in starting their language learning journey and finding ways to include their passions into our work. In the interim of being a student here and returning as a teacher I managed to achieve my BSc with Honors in Adult Nursing from Coventry University and am currently registered under the NMC. Although not actively practicing I feel like this really does help me look at everything holistically, and being neurodivergent myself I really do have a great insight into how it is being a student here and the worries and anxiety that comes along with the day to day. My personal interests include playing video games (namely JRPG’s and FPS games) as well as watching anime and reading manga. I’d also consider myself a very creative person- I love drawing and doing crafty things such as crochet and knitting as well as many other similar hobbies that have taken a backseat for the moment!"

Here you can see Beth in her student days. She is the student with blue hair sitting with Masayo.

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