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Lamp Album Airs Next Tuesday on Fresh Radio

At 8.00pm Tuesday 6th March I'll be going on Fresh Radio to play two tracks from the forthcoming Lamp album, and to talk about the great work that our students have been doing. You can listen by going to this link and clicking Listen Live.

What is the Lamp Album?

This summer we're releasing a CD of 10 brand new tracks written and recorded by our students. The whole process of the album's release, including artwork, duplication, and promotion, will be undertaken with the students so they learn about the processes involved and gain industry experience. We've finished 4 of the tracks so far, and are aiming for a release date at the end of the school year in July. More information on the album, like where you can buy it and promotional shows, will be available on our website as the release date approaches.

What will be played tonight?

Fresh Radio have chosen two tracks to preview, We Sell Everything by Harry, and I Choose You by Cameron. Both tracks are composed and performed by the students, and no samples or loops are used. This will be the radio debut for both tracks

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