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New After-school Club

We have started running a weekly Dungeons & Dragons club. For those who’ve only heard the name, Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop Role Playing Game in which players assume the role of a character that they have created- with a number of fantasy races and classes to choose from. Players then adventure with their party under the supervision of a Dungeon Master, who creates the world, and a quest that must be pursued-- unless the characters decide otherwise! Stationary, dice, rulebooks, and the players’ imaginations are all that is needed to battle monsters, cast spells, and explore strange lands. Much like modern RPG video games such as Skyrim or The Witcher, all of which sprang from D&D, players can level up and equip items, but with far less restrictions than PC or Consoles- the only limiting factor is what the Dungeon Master will let you get away with! The sessions are being held after school, and offer a valuable experience to those with ASD or anxiety. Some people with autism may have difficulty communicating with others, and D&D is an excellent opportunity to socialise in a friendly and cooperative environment. The ability to understand other people’s perspectives could be greatly enhanced through role-playing a character very different to oneself, and anyone who has trouble expressing or exercising their creativity could find the act of fantasy character and world creation very encouraging. Although an underground activity for many decades, tabletop gaming has gained huge amounts of traction in recent years and is a hobby easily pursued at University, many of which have dedicated RPG and board game societies and socials. So far our particular adventuring party includes a strange sumerian-style dwarfish fighter, an elvish rogue who loves his bow, a formidable half-demon monk, an animal-loving robot, and the human ex-country guard who made that very robot! Let’s see how this epic tale unfolds… Excelsior!

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