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Keeping traditions alive!

We’re glad to announce the return of Open Synth Night later on in Spring. Open Synth Night is a drop in ‘Experimental Music & Sound Workshop’ anyone is welcome to bring along a synthesiser, plug it in and join the fun. It’s a kind of show and tell for audio nerds. “Due to advances in technology we’re loosing traditions, not just in music production and sound recording but also in the arts and crafts” Timothy Ellis uses analogue tape alongside digital recording equipment as well as old analogue synthesisers.

One of the instruments on show will be the EDP Wasp which dates back to 1978.

Another keyboard in the LAMP collection is the revered 1980 Casiotone MT-40. The MT-40 had a built-in pattern based on the Eddie Cohran song “Something Else”. Because of this, a synthesizer version of the song’s bassline ended up as the basis of one of the most popular dancehall music rhythms of Jamaican music – the Sleng Teng riddim which started the “Digital Reggae” revolution in 1985. (taken from Wikipedia)

“When I perform using a reel to reel tape recorder young people sometimes come up to me and ask “what’s that thing going round?” they’ve never seen one”

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