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Santee Babajee

Maths Course Leader

I hold a degree in BSc (Hons) Mathematics and a post graduate certificate in Education. I have almost 13 years of teaching experience working in different schools, with age group ranging from 3 yrs to 18 years.


Throughout my services at work I have gained a wealth of experience. I had the opportunity to work with students of different nationalities, and mixed abilities including those with SEN. I understand the importance of using different teaching strategies and teaching styles that suit the individual needs of students.


I have a strong belief that all students have the ability to succeed in different ways in life. All they need is a chance and to see mistakes as part of the learning process. My aim is to provide a safe, caring, loving and a motivating student-centered learning environment where students can develop their skills in Mathematics. Consequently students develop their practical life skills with the knowledge to solve a problem to make wise decision and be become more independent in life.


Other than my passion for teaching, I love gardening and I do yoga to keep my energy balanced. I enjoy being in touch with the nature, it keeps me calm and it gives me lots of inspiration. I strongly believe with calm, caring and loving nature, teaching and learning take place effectively.

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