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Simon Lewis

Music Technology & Money Matters Course Leader

After working for several years as Technical Administrator as a teenager, I decided that I wanted  to work in music.  I enrolled in a music college called Access to Music in Birmingham and gained a Creative Music Producer qualification.  I initially volunteered at a local youth initiative in North Solihull teaching music to young people.  This became very popular and I was eventually employed and the session was included on their project timetable.  At this time I was employed by Solihull Youth Service to deliver music production workshops and manage studio projects in the recording studio.  I also planned and delivered projects for young people who were not in mainstream education as part of a project called Evolution.  

I have taught music and functional skills at a variety of schools and colleges around Birmingham, Solihull and Milton Keynes and have run my own recording studios over the years around the North Solihull area.  I also worked at an outdoor education centre where young people learn through outdoor activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing amongst other activities and taught music and a fitness and nutrition program.  I have run several music recording studios in my local area delivering youth programs and holiday activities.  

In my spare time I like to read books about metaphysics and Ancient Egypt.  I love to go to the gym and keep fit through boxing training.  I love to produce and mix music, mainly hip hop and soul.  I am also in the middle of writing a script for a film idea I have and a short play.    

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