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Rob Henning

Computer Game Development Course Leader

I grew up in South Africa and moved to the UK with my family in October 2020 and I am enjoying being here very much.


After finishing school I completed various certification courses with Microsoft. I then worked in IT in the corporate world for companies like Barclays and IBM. I then decided to return to University to study teaching and later emerged with a BEd honours degree. I also completed my second year of a BSc degree in Computer Science but it had to be put on hold when my wife and I started a family. I spent over ten years teaching in traditional schooling in South Africa in both the private and public sector. I was also the foundation teacher at two different schools, meaning that I started the computer science department in those schools. I have also been a driver of digital transformation in schools, being the first to be a Google Certified Educator and assisting the staff in gaining their certifications. As well as teaching in schools, I have consulted for Pearson Education, creating a training manual for them and running a course as a Master Trainer in a Train-The-Trainer workshop. 


The most exciting thing about computers is the way they allow you to combine logical thinking with creativity to solve problems. This is particularly true when creating computer games. These days coding is the new literacy, and everyone deserves to be fluent. Not everyone understands everything quickly or even on the first try but I have helped many students to understand, practise and improve their results.


When I am not helping students to create computer games, I enjoy walking our dog, Honey, and spending time with the family.

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