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You can choose any style of dance you want… ballet, hip hop, lyrical, you name it. We even created a Halloween dance to ghostbusters which was really enjoyable. We dressed up as ghostbusters for our costume and even had an inflatable ghost in the background which really made the performance come to life. To make it extra spooky, we used special effect makeup to make it look like we had been in an accident.

Don’t even get me started on the dance teacher… Courtney is so patient, and also really nice! The dance lessons are well structured, so we know what to expect and Courtney helps us with the choreography. By taking part in these classes we now feel more confident and are up to learning new moves every day. For dance it feels like therapy, it keeps you relaxed and distracted from the stuff you worry about. Once you start to dance all you can focus on is the movements, music and the fun!

We are currently working towards our first performance in front of an audience, which will be at the Lamp Christmas gig. We’re feeling nervous but excited! We hope that you are all there to watch and support us!


Becca & Candice 

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