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Climb and Punishment

Movement sessions have been introduced at LAMP. In November we had our first trip; to The Ballroom Climbing Wall in Coventry which was an enormous success! Movement and exercise can play a huge role in garnering independence, confidence, mental and physical wellbeing, teamwork, and communication. In preparation for the session, the group discussed links between mental wellbeing and physical activity, specifically the impacts on stress management, mental health and sleep. Additionally, the students participated in stretching and breathing exercises to highlight the importance of preparing for exercise.

At the climbing wall, the students took part in a guided session which introduced them to bouldering techniques and wall safety. Everyone got stuck in and attempted all routes suggested by the team! It was amazing to see our students overcoming their fears and succeeding at something new. There was a real sense of comradery amongst everyone involved.

The team at The Ballroom Climbing Wall were incredibly supportive, and later told us that they were impressed by the enthusiasm and politeness of our students.

Here is what our group thought of the trip:

“I really enjoyed my time at The Ballroom Climbing Wall! I had never been there before and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much Millie for making the day such a success!” - Jacob

“It was great, I had loads of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves! Five stars, would climb again!” - Joe

“It didn’t feel like a school trip it was so much fun!” - Elliot

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