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Aerial Adventures

Monday after school is my favourite hour of the week. I attend aerial sessions with my friends Hope, Candice, Freddy and Jess, who are all really supportive and will cheer each other on. The talented Flo runs these weekly sessions where we learn new skills on the hoop, trapeze and silks.

My favourite piece of equipment is the hoop because I really love spinning!  Learning new moves and skills every week is really fun. Occasionally the moves are challenging but that’s ok because it is important to go at your own pace – Flo is always there to help and guide you if you are struggling. I am always building my confidence by giving each move a go and never giving up.  


I always feel like I have had a good workout because the lessons are so productive. I feel like I have gotten stronger, got better at balancing and my grip strength has improved. 


Overall, I would recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to be more active and have a nice time!  

  • Becca  

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