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Summer Youth Project A Success!

Over the summer holidays LAMP had the pleasure of working with A Call To Men UK, a company designed to change the way males treat women and girls. Our aim was to help a group of young men create a song from scratch in just under a week, using this process to challenge the sexist content that can be found in many hip-hop and grime lyrics. By the end of the project two young men, aided by discussions on gender, and workshops in production and lyricism, had written and recorded a three-minute track called Hunt Like A Wolf. It was an astounding result, especially considering their time constraints and lack of studio experience. The track features a solid and well-composed beat, and a great flow to the MCing, skills which can easily be brought up to a professional standard should the boys choose to pursue music further. Throughout the vocalist’s time at lamp the lyrics shed their sexist content and ended up focusing around the merits of working hard, pushing yourself to achieve results, and jumping out of your box, a metaphor for sympathising with different people’s perspectives, in this case those of females at the receiving end of sexist behaviour. We had a great time working with both the students and the organisers, and were glad to see the lads putting so much work into a project of their own. We hope to take part in similar activities in the future, as blending heavy topics with an art form that young people can relate to can make a huge impact, especially when they walk away having created something that they can be proud of.

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