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Santee Babajee

Maths Course Leader

Maths GCSE

Mathematics is highly interconnected and we have designed our courses to create a logical progression from topic to topic.

This starts with a focus on ensuring that all our students have a strong understanding of the fundamentals, before extending from this knowledge to other topics.


Rather than rote learning of methods, we instead focus on 'why' maths works as it does.

This includes development of:

  • mental arithmetic techniques, to turn calculations into a series of simple steps;

  • different approaches to solve problems, so students can utilise methods which make the most sense to them;

  • logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, so students can adapt to new challenges.

Once students grasp the underlying logic, they not only progress faster, but also show creative and individual approaches to problems.


We start with the expectation that every student, no matter their previous experiences or level of knowledge, will achieve at least a Foundation-level GCSE.

Those who excel are encouraged to aim for the Higher-level GCSE, and for those who need more time to develop we also offer nationally recognised Functional Skills qualifications.

Other Maths courses:

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