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Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money Level 1

Managing Your Money Level 1 is a course which give young people a head start in understanding some of the financial advice and choices they will make as they enter adulthood.  It is to develop awareness for financial products and services such as savings and loans.  They will also gain knowledge of how to manage their personal finances through budgeting and managing their income and expenditure.  It is an NCFE Level 1 qualification and there are 2 mandatory units to complete for the qualification.


Unit 1 – Understanding personal finance

  • Know about financial products and services

  • Know about borrowing money

  • Know about saving money

  • Be able to choose from financial products and services


Unit 2 – Making the most of personal finance

  • Know how to manage personal finances

  • Understand the risks to personal finance

  • Be able to compare goods, products and services

  • Know about credit scores

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Simon Lewis

Managing Your Money

Course Leader

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