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Art & Design Level 3

Art and design Level 3 allows students to develop their skills and knowledge through a practical experience in preparation for further study. There are specialist pathways the students can choose from depending on their interests and strengths. These reflect the breadth of opportunities available in the art & design sector. Students also have the opportunity to engage in a broader way through non-specialist units where they might plan, research and develop ideas in response to a client brief or plan and prepare for an exhibition for a collection of artwork.


Mandatory Units

  • Unit 01 Materials, Techniques and Processes in Art and Design (10 credits)

  • Unit 02 Ideas and Concepts in Art and Design (10 credits)

  • Unit 03 Execute, present and critically evaluate final art and design work (6 credits)


Progression Routes

  • NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Creative Craft

  • NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Interactive Media

  • NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media

  • NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Photography

  • NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Photography

  • Foundation Degrees in Art and Design-related subjects eg: fashion,
    textiles, interior design, 3D design, photography 


Jenna Watt

Art & Design Course Leader

Charis' Gallery.jpg

LAMP offer Level 2 and 3 qualifications in art and design and engagement in art and design. 


The Art Room

The art room at Lamp has facilities for a diverse range of art and design processes, from drawing to screen printing. We have a wide range of media for students to work with:


Traditional art materials

  • oil, acrylic and watercolour paint

  • inks, ink pigments and marbling ink

  • oil and chalk pastels 

  • pens, pencils and charcoal 

  • 3D work in clay, card, wire, plaster and recycled materials 


  • lino-print 

  • screen print  

Digital work 

  • Photoshop  

  • Illustrator 

  • InDesign 

  • Cinema 4D 

  • Asperite 

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