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Japanese A level (GCE Japanese )

This course aims to engage students so that they enjoy advanced level Japanese language learning and achieve their full potential.


AS level

About this specification

  • The Advanced  Subsidiary (AS) level  provides a logical progression from GCSE with a focus on language.

  • provides logical progression route to A2 level.

key subject aim

  to enable students to develop:

  • to convey their understanding of written Japanese through a series of reading tasks. 

  • to draw upon and apply their knowledge of Japanese language, grammar and lexis to produce a short translation from Japanese into English.

  • to demonstrate an ability to manipulate Japanese language in continuous writing.


A2 level

About this specification

  A2 level offers a realistic progression from AS level that:

  • rewards advanced research/ reading skills

  • acknowledges the importance of knowledge and understanding of Japanese-language culture

  • facillitates literary study.

key subject aim

  to enable students to develop:

  • to demonstrate skills in advanced level Japanese reading and in the transfer of meaning from English into Japanese.

  • to promote research and greater knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and /or society, students must produce two Japanese-language in essays in response to questions related to their chosen topic(s) and /or text(s)

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