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Harry Potter - an experience I will not forget by Leah

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

On the 20th of January I had the opportunity to embark on an adventure of the magical experience that is the Harry Potter Studio Tour, featuring the kind staff and eager students from LAMP (who are far from muggles!).

With Ella and Lexi by my side we wondered into the notorious Great Hall where Christmas came to life. Miniature witches guarding the frosted trees, candles floating above us and a grand feast waiting to be devoured just like in the movies! With excitement leading the way we then explored the interior sets such as Hagrid’s warm, cosy Hut Snape’s mystical classroom full of potions and Dolores Umbridge’s sickly sweet office, which was guiltily a favourite of mine.

Then things started to turn cold as we faced the gates of the Forbidden Forest where Unicorns, Centaurs and your deepest darkest fears lurked. As we dove deeper, we were faced with Aragog and his thousands of children with a desire for human flesh. Luckily for us Buckbeak was to the rescue and delivered us to platform 9’3/4 where we took a ride on the infamous train with each scene from each movie. My favourite being the Philosophers stone and witnessing the sweet trolley in all its glory.

Once we had a break and licked the Butterbeer off our top lips we plunged into the making of the films. From the mechanics of fake owls and vault doors to costume and makeup designs with the fine detail of each character, the goblins did not disappoint!

As we ventured further, we found ourselves in the Gringotts bank with its marvellous, marble pillars and crystal chandeliers shining down on each corner of the room. However, the peace had been disturbed, a loud crash was to be heard shaking the ground beneath our feet. Everywhere was dark and silent, though the fear was deafening. We turn around and to behold was an ominous, hideous yet magnificent dragon covered in scars, breathing fire hotter than the depths of hell. With haste and disbelief, we escaped.

As the dust settled and we made it to see the sun set, I can say that the Harry Potter experience was an experience and one I will not forget. I felt like a little kid again, and that was all I wanted.

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