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Creating worlds

Students have dived deep into the world of game creation and today, we proudly present a show reel featuring some of their games.

From the intense pressure of game jam contests to the methodical process of learning and refining their skills, our students have crafted unique and engaging experiences. These games, adorned with charming 2D pixel art created by the students themselves, are not just projects—they are milestones marking their journey in mastering game development.

Game Jam Heroes: 

Several of these games were conceived and brought to life during high-pressure game jams. These contests pushed them to think quickly, work collaboratively, and deliver polished, playable games within a limited timeframe.

Skill-Building Adventures: 

Every game in this reel is a testament to the skills our students have honed. From coding mechanics to designing levels, they've learned to tackle challenges head-on and turn ideas into interactive realities.

Pixel Perfect: 

The retro aesthetic of 2D pixel art has a special place in the gaming world, and our students have embraced this style with gusto. Each sprite and animation you see was painstakingly crafted, bringing characters and worlds to vibrant life.

We invite you to watch the show reel and experience the diverse worlds our students have created. Whether you’re dodging enemies, solving puzzles, or exploring fantastical realms, there's something here for everyone to enjoy.

We couldn't be prouder of the dedication and creativity our students have shown. Here's to many more games and many more creative adventures in the future!


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