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Our Approach


We believe that every student should be treated as an individual and should have a tailored education programme to their specific interests, needs and learning styles. We offer small class sizes and a nurturing learning environment.  Depending on their level of anxiety, our students can attend from as little as an hour and build up their time at LAMP Learning at their own pace.


The most important part of education is for students to have a positive attitude to learning. If a student has a positive attitude, they will be motivated and will have the best chance of attainment. To support this, LAMP Learning puts creative subjects at the centre of our curriculum offering. The first step in considering a young person suitable for placement at LAMP Learning is an interest in one of our specialist subject areas.


Young People with Autism

We specialise in working with students on the autistic spectrum. All our staff are trained in the nuances and working styles that help young people with autism achieve. This includes a company-wide sensitivity to sensory distractions, flexibility in activities, and a number of visual learning methods.


We work closely with Warwickshire County Council's Autism Team to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for our students. We are a member of the Autism Society and are constantly updating our practice as new techniques are developed.


Young People with High Anxiety

Students with high levels of anxiety can find it difficult, or even impossible, to achieve in mainstream education. LAMP Learning overcomes the issues associated with mainstream education such as; large class sizes, exam pressures and formal lesson styles. All our teachers are known by their first names and our students do not wear a uniform.


The qualifications for all our creative subjects are assessed purely through coursework.


Frequent communication between students, staff, and parents aims to ensure anxiety levels are kept to a minimum.

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